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This is the moment a fly-tipping couple got a taste of their own medicine after builders found their address among a mound of waste.

When the construction workers found the rubbish in their recently cleared chalk pit they decided to undertake a ‘reconnaissance mission’ and rummage around for clues.

In a video one of the builders says he spotted the offending couple’s name and address on a discarded letter.

They then decide to dump the rubbish, including cables, a microwave and bin bags, at their home in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

But as they pull up outside the house they decide to opt or the back garden because there was ‘too much traffic’ passing by.

They then proceed to dump the big pile of waste right in their back yard in the dead of night and say ‘we’ll be seeing you’.

People on Facebook were quick to congratulate the workers, with some saying they ‘would do the same’ if they were in their shoes.

and that they ‘should have put it through the window’.

But others pointed out the couple could have unwittingly paid a rouge firm to dispose of it properly.

One said: ‘That’s why you should make sure it’s a legit firm. Law can come after you if you let a fly tipper take your stuff.’