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Searching for a cat to adopt?

Why not give Echo a chance?

Sweet boy Echo is a Bengal cat who’s a little different from your average kitty, as he has epilepsy and other neurological issues.

This means he needs a home with someone pretty special, who can give him all the care and love he deserves.

The Bengal Cat Association shared an appeal to find a home for Echo, writing: ‘Special forever home sought for a very special boy.

‘Echo has been surrendered due to sad circumstances which we are happy to discuss with any potential new owner.

‘Echo has Epilepsy and other neurological issues. We have his full medical history including MRI and other test results.

‘In the past four weeks whilst on his current treatment he has had four recorded seizures which have occurred whilst he has been sleeping. Each seizure has lasted approximately 20 seconds.’

Medication has made a huge difference to Echo’s condition. Before receiving treatment he was having around four seizures a day – whereas now, while they still happen they’re far less frequent.

Echo’s neurological condition means he’s unable to jump and can be prone to accidents. His previous carers noticed he doesn’t have an awareness that he’s up high, so will walk right off the edge of a table without realising he’ll fall.

For that reason he’ll need a home with someone who can keep an eye on him and ensure his surroundings won’t cause him any harm.

It would also be ideal for his owner to have previous experience of caring for a cat with epilepsy, but it’s not essential. Anyone interested in adopting Echo will need to be prepared for the cost – both in terms of time and money – of treatment.

The cat’s current treatment costs around £21 for a three-month supply, and epilepsy and other neurological issues are often excluded from regular pet insurance.

If you’re up for those challenges, you’ll be rewarded with ‘a super friendly, loving’ cat.